This privacy notice discloses the privacy practices for Weird and Wry S.L. games (The Spatials and The Spatials: Galactology) in all supported platforms (iOS App Store, iPadOS App Store, Mac App Store, Steam, Windows Store).

Weird and Wry does not collect, use or share any information about the users of its games. No analytics products or ad systems are used in our games and no information is ever transferred to any server, not even our own. The Spatials and The Spatials: Galactology are 100% offline games.

We will never contact you about anything, since we do not know who you are, since we do not collect or transfer any information about you.

Since we do not collect, transfer or store any information about you, your device or your usage of our game, we have the best data security possible: having no data at all.

If you have any further inquires contact us at [email protected]